The Temples of Humankind are the heart of Damanhur and a precious magical instrument for the Awakening of all of Humanity. To share their beauty and significance with you, we have created a new Photo Book and the 2020 Calendar.

The New Photo Book

We are excited to announce the new Photo Book, that is a project that we have dreamed for many years and now is coming live thanks also to the partnership with Scripta Maneant, a publishing house founded in 2007, which pursues editorial aims inspired by highest values of art and culture.

It will be an exciting journey of aesthetic, cultural and artistic inspiration as it was for us creating it. 192 pages with more than 140 images of the Temples of Humankind and… oh yes! – some exclusive photos of the sacred spaces adjacent to them: The Crystal Spiral and the Time of People. The Book will be on the market in December in a first set of limited copies, but for our followers we offer the opportunity to book a copy now to be the first to get it and to support the project!

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Some fun moments while creating the Book with the photographer Niccolò Guasti

And don’t miss the 2020 Calendar

The 2020 Calendar presents more exclusive images of the new section of the Hall of the Labyrinth. It is called “Gods walking among Gods.” A new story to create harmony and connection among all Divine Forces and human beings. We will share more stories on Gods and Godesses in our monthly Newsletter. In case you are still not signed up you can do so here.

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