All worlds where life exists are connected through cosmic channels of communication. In Damanhur, we call them Synchronic Lines: flows of information and energy that around the Earth form a grid and support vibrationally the evolution of souls, peoples, and planets.

Throughout the history of humanity, antennas to receive the information coming from the Synchronic Lines have been built: sacred sites, pyramids, temples, and cathedrals in all continents are located along these special energy lines.
The Temples of Humankind are one of these antennas.

Many spiritual sites all over the earth have kept the connection with the Forces of evolution throughout the millennia. Magical and spiritual architecture is based on codes, symbols, and structural elements that receive information coming from the Synchronic Lines and spread them across the planet. Monks, druids, shamans, priests, and priestesses with the proper knowledge, training, and initiation are the technicians holding the keys to keep the flow open for the benefit of all humanity.

Directions of building the Temples of Humankind were given to Falcothe Founder and Spiritual Guide of Damanhur —in 1978. Falco was 28 and had been preparing for this task since childhood, recovering his memories and ancient knowledge.

It had become apparent that a new antenna was necessary, to support those already existing. The area where the Temples had to be built has the same characteristics of Tibet: points of crossing of four Synchronic Lines. This Shining Knot in Valchiusella was not well-known and could be the ideal place to start a new line of events, the seed for a new future. Also, through a time prospection, it was established that the area would be geologically, climatically, and socially stable for a long time to come. The new Sacred Antenna could play its role way ahead into the future.
This is why the Temples were built here in Valchiusella.

The Temples of Humankind are more active than ever to support spiritual transformation for everyone in these difficult times. We would be very grateful if you could help us keep them fully operational with a donation or by purchasing the new Temples of Humankind book.


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