Thinking well of others and, in general, positive thinking are such important elements for the life of the Damanhurians that Falco Tarassaco, in 1978, when we began to dig the Temples of Humankind, wanted the words to be written on the outer walls of the Porta del Sole – the house from which one enters the underground Temples – so that we could all read them and remember them before dedicating ourselves to the important work that we were undertaking. Even the Constitution of Damanhur mentions them as fundamental rules of living together.

But why is this attention to positive thinking so important?

It needs to be a true desire

Thinking positively means thinking within oneself that things can go well through attention and personal commitment (luck has nothing to do with it)! Positive thoughts can always reveal unexpected and positive solutions for us. It means to think that through joy, one learns more but even from pain, when it is there, many things can also be learned. It means to think that others are people just like us, nice or nasty, similar or different, but trying to do their best. It means always expecting the best from them and, if something different occurs, don’t judge them negatively forever but give them the chance to redeem themselves. It means loving yourself and being careful not to get hurt, but without thinking that situations and people will always harm us in some way.
It means really wanting these things, energetically, not just as sentences written in a newspaper article or on a blog.

Overcome the schemes

Applying positive thinking. Let’s face it, is not always easy. To begin with, it means fighting the negative vision of the world, the one that the media (newspapers, televisions, social networks etc) continually offer us giving us an image based on conflict, both when they talk about war and when they give space for the poverty of thought of all those who scream to get their share of celebrity.
 And then, it means making the small or big effort to go against the tendency of many people we meet on a daily basis that complain, criticize others and affirm that things are only getting worse.
The secret is that being optimistic and positive is a choice, not a consequence of events. In fact, the term “positive thinking” means aligning the mind to a state of positivity, overcoming the existing negative thought patterns and creating new ones which are more optimistic and healthy, in order to face our own life experience with confidence, attract Synchronicity and cultivate physical and spiritual well-being.

One meaning after another

Positive thinking is good for health. Many spiritual researchers have always affirmed this and science has also been affirming it for some years, through PNEI (International Institute of Psycho-Immunology) which according to some doctors shows how positive states of consciousness favor the emission of the nervous system of impulses that positively influence the correct functioning of the organism. In short, optimism also has a biological value.

Even before this, it had a very strong “magical” value, because it allows us to engage in correspondence with the synchronicity network, and therefore go in the same direction as the universe. Going in the same direction as the universe is important, because it tends to go toward its own evolution, meaning in turn, attracting only favorable events to yourself: things will go well or in any case will create new opportunities for useful experiences.
 We repeat it once again: thinking well, positively and optimistically, is a choice, it cannot depend on what happens around us but is the consequence of what happens inside of us, of our desire to feel good and to feel useful to ourselves and to others. But if we learn to do it by practising, the effects will be such that it will make it very natural!
To us, for example, positive thinking has allowed us to create the Temples of Humankind.

Can you think well of yourself and others?
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