It is not necessary to believe in magic to contemplate its existence, also because magic does not mean fairies and spells, or creatures with prodigious powers. Magic means an encounter between all the laws that order the universe, those we know about through science and those that we do not yet know about. It is a simple idea and yet we know how many things people still need to understand better, even if they already are able to use them well. After all, a child is able to ride a bicycle but are they able to explain why, at a particular moment, they are able to balance on two wheels while in the past they always fell off?

Magic is the name we use to define phenomena that we cannot explain ourselves. For example, how optimism can help our lives, how can a well-directed thought make an event more probable, how can we read the flight of birds or the arrangement of a bunch of cards on a table? How it is possible that there is a correspondence between daily actions and much larger events? “Magic” is a somewhat archaic word, which over time has been charged with meanings that have little or nothing to do with it and which, to tell the truth, everyone uses a little in their own way. For some it may have to do with the occult mysteries, for some it indicates the ritual ceremonies that the Celts, the Mayans and the Vikings celebrated in nature and for others still it indicates a romantic, enchanted view of reality, in which magic is pure emotion.

Everything has value

All the above definitions are right, because magic can have something to do with each of them. After all, even a daily word like “food”, which unfortunately not everyone has everyday, can have a thousand different meanings!
 Returning to magic, for the Damanhurians it means the union of all the laws and the will to interact with each of them. The systems to do this are many and all are based on a way of thinking that considers the phenomenon of cause and effect as a possibility and not just as the only way things work.
 Those who have a magical vision of reality know that events can be interpreted in many different ways and that, above all, there is neither chance nor details without importance. On the stage of life everything has its value and no one is ever only the spectator of what happens.

Not a limit but a strength

Magic, like gravity and electromagnetism, meanwhile, operates continuously. It is everyone’s home in the sense that everyone is immersed in it, even when they do not think about these things or believe that they are simply old superstitions. One of the rules on which the universe is based is the attraction between similar thoughts and energies, therefore magic is most revealed to those who are open to it, to those who believe in it. However this is not a limitation but an affirmation of its strength.

In Damanhur the idea of ​​magic is at home. The citizens of the communities propose a vision of life linked to the potential of each person, to go in the direction of their own growth, joyfully and to share it with others.
 It is a vision that also involves guests, who are always present in the communities, and that over time have made possible such works as the Temples of Humanity, the Sacred Woods, and the federation of communities, which a simply rational vision would otherwise have made impossible to achieve.

A sea to swim in

Everyone can embrace a magical vision of life and learn to relate more positively with time. Trying to be active and positive, and by moving towards things and towards others with confidence, not fleeing from them. On the other hand, exploring what researchers and “magicians” have written on this topic over time, understanding that magic is not something far away and different but rather a sea in which we are all immersed, in every moment of life. Learning to swim can not only be valuable but also a lot of fun!

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