Cobra Alloro was young man, 22 years old, when he came to live in Damanhur about 40 years ago.

His name was Teodoro Simone at the time, and he worked for the public train system. He had a secure job, one of those jobs that could have lasted a lifetime. However, he was looking for something more, and he found it, together with the original founders of Damanhur.

He found the possibility of building a society to the scale of their dreams, a place based on respect, solidarity and spiritual research. Things were not easy at that time. There was a lot of hard work to do in order to create something that had never existed before. They needed courage and willpower to give rise to a model that could inspire others, to transmit the hope of being able to make a difference.

Everything needed to be built, and no one had any idea how to begin telling the story of a young Popolo (people) through art. Cobra decided to dive in wholeheartedly in an effort to do just that. Together with other Damanhurians, he founded a statuary studio. The first statues were made by the hands of many people, and they were not exactly proportionate, but the passion that Cobra put into them made them unique and precious works in everyone’s eyes.

Year after year, with dedication and constancy, the studio grew to where it is today, a place where truly beautiful artworks are created.

Cobra’s story is the story of someone who knows how to confront his own inexperience, with the certainty of being able to realize his dreams by putting his heart into it and going beyond all obstacles.

Today, in addition to being an extraordinary artist, Cobra is one of the people who transmit their experience to those who wish to pursue a spiritual path in Damanhur, because there is no greater knowledge than to teach others that which has passed through your own hands and heart.

Come and meet Cobra in person! His art studio is open to all who would like to experiment with the art of terracotta!