A selection of five Damanhur books are now available in ebook format: Kindle, Nook, iPad, ePUB.

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Here is the list of what’s available (more coming soon!):

A Visit to Damanhur

A-Visit-to-DamanhurThe dream of creating a sustainable society originated with the idea that life in all its manifestations is an expression of the same divine energy. We believe that we should do our best to awaken awareness of how we are deeply united with every element of life that surrounds us. This heartfelt belief has motivated Damanhurians to invest not only in environmental, social and economic sustainability, but also cultural sustainability.

Spirals of Energy
Spirals-of-Energy-1In their dimension, the selfs do not have the issue of opposition or the need to mature as we do, because in other parts of the universe, time is different from what it is here. In those places where the selfs come from, there is no flow of time as we can imagine it, so the forms or intelligences that inhabit it have different characteristics. Even though our concept of evolution cannot be compared with what happens in other parts of the universe, the extraordinary characteristic about these intelligences is that, in some cases, they are willing and able to connect themselves here and participate in our world, becoming symbiotic elements.

The Synchronic Lines
Synchronic-LinesBy utilizing the Synchronic Lines to travel one does not make a linear journey, but in reality one moves on them by bending space. The Red Lines, the ones that run north-south, are projected into space moving in two opposite spirals that expand into the rest of the universe. These spirals join the Earth to all other bodies existing in space.

Spiritual Physics
Spiritual-PhysicsMagic technology for time travel: So then, although we have defined time as an eternal present, meaning a territory in which one theoretically can move in any given direction, we must now distinguish the direction of the past, which is easily recognizable, from the direction of the future because the events that will define it are not, from our point of view, saturated yet.

Learning to Die
Learning-to-DieJust think that, in this moment, the state of your consciousness, the way you are feeling, is something you have already experienced other times because your soul is eternal and remembers. What is happening has happened before and will again in other circumstances, in other moments and – why not? – in other spaces, probably. So then, why worry so much about this death? Accept it as it is, as it comes.

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