Hey everyone! I (Shanti a New Life temporary citizen in Damanhur) recently had a great experience and I would love to share this with you. I was invited to go on a journey together with the rest of the New-lifers. When I heard this I felt really excited, the child in myself woke up even more! I couldn’t wait to go out and taste the adventure, the unknown. Together with the lovely people who I lived with in Damjl, I packed everything I needed. Cicala gave me comfort with her sleeping bag, Titiana gave me warmth with her coat, and Cameleonte gave me protection against rain with his rainjacket. I prepared myself for a way of living that went beyond my imagination and I can tell you that I touched my limits.

The journey was for me: extraordinary, challenging, confronting, scary, shocking, lovely, awesome, stressful, joyful, relaxed, chaotic and above all it was for me a fairytale that became reality. I went back to the center and away from the materialistic world and it felt great! I was able to see myself in my purest form away from make up, away from showers away from seeing life as an individual. I felt united and there was a con- action in the group. The con- action took a while to arrive but when it did it really clicked! Life is a game, life is beautiful! Thank you lovely bunch of New life people for this awesome experience, and thank you that I could show the real me where it was mostly needed.

With you all.
-Shanti- Holland.

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