Robert shares about a courageous mountain hike he experienced during his summer visit to Dendera nucleo community in Damanhur, overcoming a fear of heights while taking in breathtaking views from the Alps.

One of the first things that caught my eye as we got closer to Damanhur was the mountain ridges that covered the horizon. As our car ventured forward along the serpentine roads, Capriolo told me that the name of one of the highest peaks is the Sleeping Beauty. I found the name to be extremely fitting. Little did I know that only a few days later, I would be making my way up this primordial giant together with Piranha, Angelina and a couple of friends from Sweden. We decided to get up very early one morning to complete our ascent before noon as the heat had been oppressive for weeks. As Piranha parked the car and we got out, we inhald a first breath of crisp air. The drops of dew on the plants had still not evaporated, and the view from the vista next to the parking lot was nothing but breathtaking. My Swedish friends made cartwheels of joy, and Piranha was eager to bring us to the top.

The narrow road was paved with different minerals, although a transparent white quartz prevailed in quantity. On the sides of the road there was a rich flora with flowers and herbs, some of which i recognized from Sweden. The sound of water was present quite often, which always lifts my spirit. After a few hours of hiking the already narrow road had become a very narrow trail, and one had to watch each step as to not tumble down along the cliffs. I struggle with fear of heights, and it was becoming quite challenging for me. We made our way to a cottage, crowded with cheerful people, locals and tourists alike. The cottage host offered some tea which we gladly accepted, and then we were off for the final climb to the top.

The final climb was quite steep, and on the sides were major, almost vertical drops. Falling off would certainly mean trouble. Our Damanhurian guide seemed more like a mountain goat than a Piranha as he tirelessly trotted along the rocky path. Eventually we reached the top, and the 360 degree view was unreal. I felt a need to stay very close to the ground, my heart was racing and my adrenaline was pumping. But when I saw how Piranha and my friends fearlessly took in the surroundings, I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and then opened them again. I felt much calmer, and I was able to look around without being crippled by fear. I am very grateful not just to get to see the surrounding area of Damanhur, but for the opportunity to face an old fear and realize how easily it can be conquered in certain circumstances.

Embracing the unknown

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