What will 2020 be like?

The first year of the second decade of the first century of the third millennium will surely be under the sign of Capricorn, given the multiple presence of the large pieces of Saturn and Jupiter that overlap Pluto, but also Aries, starting from June 28th, when Mars enters its sign, and will provide a lot of energy. This combination is not so harmonious, in fact, between the two cardinal signs (at the beginning of the season: Winter and Spring) of Capricorn and Aries there are 90°, a Quadrature, which does not allow the integration of the reciprocal energies, but will actually bring about more tension.

What will happen when Mars is in continuous Quadrature with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto simultaneously?

Moreover, in two signs that do not have half measures?

In these situations, the positions of the Sun-Mercury-Venus trio that will change from month to month, will be very important. These three planets can be fluidizers and transform the powerful energies into something productive, or they can be the detonators of something that has been brewing for some time.

Globally, the second half of 2020 will highlight the most conflicts and diplomatic actions may be very difficult.

In a similar way, this also happens on an individual level, but each person has many different aspects in their horoscope, which can certainly contribute to diminishing the tensions that the great celestial Quadrature trigger from late June onwards.

What is certain is that the Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) will be positively affected throughout the year by the energies of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto. Even the Water Signs (Pisces and Scorpio) will have positive repercussions from the accumulation in Capricorn, while Cancer (in opposition) fully receiving the stresses and therefore being very active, could live them in a way opposed to its own nature, that is, experiencing more possible contradictions.

Aries and the other Fire Signs (Leo and Sagittarius), as well as the Air Signs (Gemini and Aquarius) will benefit from the energy, dynamism, and courage, fully from June 28th onwards, while Libra (Air) which is in opposition to Aries, even though it is also urged by Mars, will not appreciate its haste and its tendency towards direct action.

Compared to these large celestial Quadratures, Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces are neutral or beneficial to the individual poles, this helps to defuse, at least in part, those tensions that could be explosive and, from this point of view, help to avoid negative surprises that are generated quickly.

In general, Uranus, in harmony with the cluster in Capricorn, tends to outline social settings that follow a defined programming, while Neptune helps to have a multi-perceptual vision of events.

The movement of the planets


The Sun, on January 1st, 2020, is at 10° in Capricorn and, throughout the year, it crosses through all 12 signs of the zodiac. On January 20th, it enters Aquarius, and on February 19th in Pisces, and so on.

The Moon carries out its motion in about 28 days (a lunar month) and, every lunar month (going around the Earth) ‘crosses’ through the 12 zodiac signs, staying in each Sign for about two and a half days. Compared to the other Planets it is therefore very fast, also for this reason it is easily associated with mood changes.


Mercury and Venus, the ‘heralds of the Sun’, have an internal orbit with respect to the Earth, so we always see them close to the Sun, accompanying it in its motion throughout the year. Mercury and Venus are never, more or less, than 60° distance from the Sun. For this reason their entry into the zodiac signs follows or anticipates that of the Sun and during the year they too all pass through the 12 Signs (or almost all, according to the various Retrogradations ).


On January 1st, 2020, Mars is at 28° in Scorpio and it enters Sagittarius on the 3rd.

On February 16th, it enters Capricorn. On March 30th, it enters Aquarius where it remains until May 13th when it enters Pisces. On June 28th it enters its house of Aries, where it will remain until the end of the year, due to various periods of retrogradation.


2020 begins at 6° in Capricorn, a sign in which it will remain until December 19th, practically all year round.


Saturn has reached its final year in Capricorn, its house, and will not return here for the next 26 years.

On January 1st, it is 21° in Capricorn, on March 22nd it will enter Aquarius for a period of about three months, then it will return on July 2nd and on December 17th before going back completely to Aquarius.


Throughout the year Uranus will be in the first decade of Taurus.


Neptune continues to stay in Pisces, its house, between 16° and 21° of the sign.


Pluto will remain all year round in the third decade of Capricorn.


Throughout the year the ‘little planet’ Chiron is in the first decade of Aries.