Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


514 - Images and thoughts condition you too much. Fermentation.
IV - Greater purity of spirit is necessary.


545 - The light is steady and it is not suffocated by the storm. Strength.
I - Faith and trust.


564 - The expectation of pain is worse than pain itself. There is no pain. Strengthen the moorings. Check the ropes before the climb.
II - You have the strength and the courage. Facing.


333 - Balance is the golden mean. You are protected. Every effort will be rewarded. The right duty is Sattvic.
VI - The law is with you. Be just.


266 - In the water, the image is one, yet in each drop, it is identical. Large and small drops. Choose the sea.
VI - Synchronic news from someone you have not seen in a long time. It is fortunate.


134 - In the earth. On the Earth. Above the earth. In the sky. Humility.
V - Harmony with delicate action.


151 - Why do you not listen to music anymore? It is constant and in time, it brings healthy thoughts back to you.
I - Read, enquire, new cues.


655 - Writing interpreted. The evolved individual accepts his or her own responsibility and dies fighting. Renew yourself.
V - Live/Go to Synchronic places, suitable, where Chesed resides.


516 - Heat is harmful to you. Cold is healthy for you. Nobility of intention.
III - Breathe more deeply, as a new habit.


656 - Stretch toward eternity. The Gods rightly cast their eye upon the ones who know how to pray. The right address.
III - Fear of the judgment. Fear to overcome, do not always be afraid for yourself. 20.


555 - The waiting. Being able to wait. Strive for perfection. Rewarded perseverance.
V - Become Emperor, with justice.


465 - A "maybe" makes you think and discover the answers by yourself.
V - Maybe, yes!

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