Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.

ARIES 3354 – You have already been told everything. You forget it and want new things. The old things will be repeated with new words. – You are guided by Higher Forces, if you want.
TAURUS 1153 – If your body were taken care of, your mind would be clear. – The false has to be paid for..
GEMINI 1542 – Many days to your birthday, many roads. Now noble, now ignoble. Walk with rectitude.- Under the rain, an idea shelters you.
CANCER 3225 РFrom a balanced relationship, survival is born. -Knowing one’s place, means to know how to stay there.
LEO 1442 – You await an answer. But afterwards, do you know how to change?- There is not sufficient sincerity..
VIRGO 1231 -Community; the whole Community. Connect.. An unsuitable alliance.
LIBRA 3626 – Every gesture is an important ritual. Tell me, what is there by chance? – This ritual, in consulting me, has changed your life.
SCORPIO 5114 -Complex relations around you. Fire and Smoke. This makes everything more complex. – Fear and thinking of what others think.
SAGITTARIUS 3212 – The image of the first animal or insect you will see during the day, from this moment on. The symbol of the Answer. -But can we know what it is you are doing with your life?
CAPRICORN 3111 – The thought-of sword. Perfection. The storm. -Never be ashamed of your origins. Draw strength from them. The wisdom of the fool.
AQUARIUS 6364 – The health of others. Right now, your help is synchronic. Meeting. – Look for the one(s) in need of you.
PISCES 3414 – The journey is not propitious. Like the ritual during the full moon, so is the seed at the new moon. Wait. – Anxiety and thoughtlessness destroy the work of years.

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