Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


241 - Respect the Rituals! Less superficiality. Live in the moment.
I - May the Great Path be respected. Fight.


651 - Age respected. A son older than his parent. Reincarnation. Time mobility.
II - An old box with many things.


454 - The sun shines even when it is raining. You know it, but you forget it. Being in tune means being available.
VI - More far-sighted mind.


251 - Relatives have an influence. But magical things free you, and rightly so. Respect.
VI - A writing binds and frees your life unexpectedly. Relatives have an influence.


514 - Images and thoughts condition you too much. Fermentation.
III - If you go looking for opportunities, do not complain if you then feel "tempted".


134 - In the earth. On the Earth. Above the earth. In the sky. Humility.
IV - Playing. Who plays?


451 - New leaves are the most delicate. But also the most vital. Perseverance.
II - You must humbly teach the best of you.


224 - The stars are your inspiration. How long has it been since you strolled at night, looking at the stars?
IV - Heal the health of your spirit.


153 - It is not fortune; it is not your moment. When the moon is waxing, renew yourself and repeat.
II - It is not the moment yet.


261 - Sacrifice a small thing. The Path is made of small stones. You go around the massive rock, you stride over the stone.
I - Build with calmness.


323 - Away with the mask. Humility. You will be accepted the way you are.
II - Do not look for complications, but clarifications.


156 - A negative answer to a negative question. On the changeable path, two negations affirm.
IV - Learning.

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