Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


242 - Death. Renewal. Close to you.
VI - A woman. Protection, your City.


143 - Colors for your children, your siblings, for you. What is your true color?
II - Indigo. Believing is succeeding.


151 - Why do you not listen to music anymore? It is constant and in time, it brings healthy thoughts back to you.
II - Correction.


435 - Attention when going from one place to another. Danger.
VI - Moving on time, to avoid haste, that is now your enemy and dangerous.


443 - Those who guide you are listening to you. Protection. Not yet perfection.
I - You are not alone!


512 - Illness. Disharmony. This isn't artistic. Fog in your eyes.
III - Do not let things and words already resolved spin around in the soul. Get out.


421 - Harmony. From great to small. Health.
V - Rite of investiture for Ascending.


324 - The earth. Returning. Give "yourself" to the trees and call their spirits; not to ask, to give.
IV - Light diffused by the Ancient.


245 - The Earth is never stingy. When the light does not come in through the door, it comes in through the windows. Green.
VI - Begin a new undertaking. Favorable prospects.


355 - It has already been said. Making mistakes is repeating an error that has already been made.
IV - Do not follow good advice for 10 minutes only!


356 - Seasons and ages renew themselves. You are old if you want to be old. You are young if you want to be.
V - Do not beg for the crumbs of the riches you already own.


445 - Wanting to surpass yourself, when you are not ready, is bad. Moderation and not presumption. Sometimes the longest way is the shortest.
V - Know your strengths better.

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