Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


ARIES 2421 -Death. Renewal. Close to you. – Do not fear. Trustful waiting.
TAURUS 3142 – If you are so good in what you do and what you decide, demonstrate that it is not presumption. – Self-respect, self-criticism.
GEMINI 5242 – Ephemeral life. Solidity put to the test. Excess of naivety. Consequences. – Know how to accept with dignity. Respect.
CANCER 2246 – The stars are your inspiration. How long has it been since you strolled at night, looking at the stars? – Do not refuse your help to the one(s), young, asking you for advice.
LEO 5111 – Complex relations around you. Fire and Smoke. This makes everything more complex. – Let others go crazy and be sane in order to help.
VIRGO 2224 -Sleep. Plan your day, the fatigue will be less and the result better. – Unconsciously you already know.
LIBRA 6443 – Flying. It is positive. The reading of your name. Meeting point. – Up above, in your dreams, fantasize.
SCORPIO 3542 – All the poems you used to write in your mind and on paper, are a Moment. Do not be ashamed of them! You are part of yourself. – Write.
SAGITTARIUS 3154 – The cock crows three times. Prevent betrayals. Clarity does not cause suspicion. Hesitation does. – Self-respect, dignity.
CAPRICORN 4246 – Water, today, is in tune with you. – Drinking. Contemplation. Silence.
AQUARIUS 2635 – Making calculations. But with your own mathematics. – An inspiring reading.
PISCES 5156 – Meditation on any subject will bring your mind back to your Problem. Distraction. – Never feel sorry for yourself. Going outside, distracting yourself.


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