Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


265 - Ogni albero ha frutti buoni e cattivi.
2 - Cowardice. Always indecision.


344 - Your indecision and insecurity are bad. If you breathe your own air, there is no advancement.
3 - Be daring. You are not more timid than everyone else.


412 - New encounters can happen between old acquaintances too. You just have to consider the person from a new state of mind.
6 - New activities and assignments, enthusiasm is necessary.


443 - Those who guide you are listening to you. Protection. Not yet perfection.
6 - Following harmoniously, the path that you feel in your heart.


543 - The antenna of the Self points to the North. Be straight in the flow of its line. Return wave.
1 - Bad thoughts, justly, are paid for.


351 - There is initiation and realization. Every pure effort will be rewarded. Sacrifice will be victory.
3 - Go beyond!


153 - It is not fortune; it is not your moment. When the moon is waxing, renew yourself and repeat.
3 - Rituality is a balance of forces. Learn.


311 - The thought-of sword. Perfection. The storm.
2 - Seek a goal, in your life, and think about it in a clear way. You can.


564 - The expectation of pain is worse than pain itself. There is no pain. Strengthen the moorings. Check the ropes before the climb.
4 - It will not be as bad as you think. Speak.


411 - Tearing out your hair does not make it grow better. Do not waste time.
2 - I am your friend. Ask.


343 - The sun is larger in the morning, but it warms less. In the afternoon, when it is no longer a novelty, it warms more. Perseverance.
1 - Beyond appearances, go.


326 - The strong mountain. Retreat prepares for victory.
6 - Winter preserves seeds for the spring.

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