Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven(social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


362 – Every gesture is an important ritual. Tell me, what is there by chance?
3 – Watch what you are wearing. Look at yourself as if you were somebody else and make a judgment. What would you think of yourself?


525 – A surprise. Everything is to be taken well. Adaptation.
3 – New things that change a life, gradually.


542 – The witness. Remember the way you are, forget the way you were, desire the way you will be.
4 – Desiring deeply.


412 – New encounters can happen between old acquaintances too. You just have to consider the person from a new state of mind.
2 – Look through different eyes.


251 – Relatives have an influence. But magical things free you, and rightly so. Respect.
2 – Change. You have all the necessary courage.


313 – Leaves are delicate, but thorns are also leaves.
4 – Right words at the right moment. Theory and practice united.


332 – Do not forget the ones who are very close to you, with the excuse of aiming at the horizon. Your Lord of Karma is now by your side.
2 – Modesty not bragging.


245 – The Earth is never stingy. When the light does not come in through the door, it comes in through the windows. Green.
5 – The word that you transcribe is for you.


263 – Making calculations. But with your own mathematics.
4 – Pros and cons. Desires disguise things.


613 – Encounters. New conversations with old acquaintances. You will notice your changes.
1 – Speaking in public. Hear your words.


415 – If you want to find bad things, you see bad things. It is dark if you close your eyes.
2 – Inner transformation. Dissatisfaction comes from within you not from around you.


323 – Away with the mask. Humility. You will be accepted the way you are.
6 – Each day is gained, not wasted.

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