Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will),Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


411 - Tearing out your hair does not make it grow better. Do not waste time.
3 - Reasoned action, think it over again.


332 - Do not forget the ones who are very close to you, with the excuse of aiming at the horizon. Your Lord of Karma is now by your side.
1 - Those closest to you are the ones you neglect the most.


436 - Illusion. Much power to those who don't use it. You are what you desire.
6 - Resisting desire.


231 - Intuition and impressions help, when you are yourself.
1 - Old memories. Regret not.


445 - Wanting to surpass yourself, when you are not ready, is bad. Moderation and not presumption. Sometimes the longest way is the shortest.
2 - Defending one's conquests. Not with the idea of possession.


442 - The night brings symbolic images of the new day.
2 - Interpret harmoniously to have directions and make precise choices. Dream.


346 - Success. Decision. Courage, being and desiring.
5 - Desire the right things, with faithful waiting.


534 - Before you sleep, take stock of your day; you have given, you have received more. There are no debts.
4 - Learning to know your own limitations and resources.


152 - Observe your hands. They are you. You must be your hands too. Presumption.
6 - Correction. Change and do not become rigid. Humility.


455 - The spirit of adventure must never die. Every day. Dawn.
4 - Pioneer in the virgin expanses of your choices.


355 - It has already been said. Making mistakes is repeating an error that has already been made.
5 - The Emperor advises you with words that are just.


664 - The Master loves the Initiate even in mistakes. The Tests are for all incarnated beings. The Cup.
2 - Ask him for advice.

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