Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven(social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


515 – Meditation on any subject will bring your mind back to your Problem. Distraction.
3 – Detach from yourself.


226 – Success. Fire and flames. Let yourself go in the inspiration.
3 – You find the means of making an old dream come true.


525 – A surprise. Everything is to be taken well. Adaptation.
1 – Acting readily. Smiling.


512 – Illness. Disharmony. This isn’t artistic. Fog in your eyes.
3 – Do not let things and words already resolved spin around in the soul. Get out.


162 – Watchful; your business clearly improves.
2 – Constancy.


126 – Why don’t you smile? Inside, the reason, happiness.
1 – Yet, you know how to live, and you have done it, each of your years.


413 – Stop repeating “and if…” Only what is synchronic happens. If you ask for negative synchronicity, you will get it.
3 – More trust. That is, Strength.


416 – Do not pour your tensions on those who love you. The Ego. Respect.
2 – Find the strength inside yourself and do not put the strain on others.


314 – If you are so good in what you do and what you decide, demonstrate that it is not presumption.
1 – Proper pride, union with the one(s) sharing with you ideas and things.


431 – Today and tomorrow the earth is propitious for you. Above and below. Act.
1 – Plants, enjoy them, watch them, grow them.


232 – One of your past lives resurfaces. These events return. Historical memory. Climb the pyramid.
1 – Conceive, free yourself, look ahead.


661 – The step in the staircase. High or low depending on you legs.
1 – The extremes. Crisis because of states of consciousness.

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