Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


343 - The sun is larger in the morning, but it warms less. In the afternoon, when it is no longer a novelty, it warms more. Perseverance.
4 - Constancy and continuity, always!


513 - Underground. Much air. Dig and find Gold.
3 - As you know, when everything seems too calm, a storm follows. You must be a reference point for others.


651 - Age respected. A son older than his parent. Reincarnation. Time mobility.
5 - Near the stars. Infinitesimal time.17.


453 - Time is relative to your desire. Elastic. Learning to desire.
4 - You still have time to decide. Calm.


221 - Don't try to do everything yourself. Your part is within the mosaic. More tranquility.
6 - Excellent opportunities in a short period of time.


524 - Ephemeral life. Solidity put to the test. Excess of naivety. Consequences.
6 - More strength and maturity are necessary.


122 - The instant is changeable, like a child playing.
4 - Abundant goods.


233 - Knowing how to stop at the right place on the steps can mean gathering strength for a new leap.
5 - New acquaintances, for new relationships.


125 - Numbers are your friends. Open a book now, at random. The sentence you find before your eyes will give you an answer.
3 - Add, don't take away.


522 - Excessive fear of bad things creates bad things. Uncontrolled thought-forms. Sensitive aura.
3 - Defend ideas, knowledge and not superstition.


543 - The antenna of the Self points to the North. Be straight in the flow of its line. Return wave.
3 - Let yourself go and be carried away by the current of the


451 - New leaves are the most delicate. But also the most vital. Perseverance.
3 - Foresight of a future inheritance...

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