In recent years, there have been more and more initiatives to create new communities distant from the original location, which is in the North of Italy, near the city of Turin. Ever since the Temples of Humankind, as a secret guarded by the Damanhurians, have been made visible to all the people wishing to visit them, Damanhur has often been close to creating communities in different locations, but always preferred to give strength to the original settlement in Italy, so that projects could be possible, for example the Temples, or the Sacred Woods and Damanhur Crea that have been realized over time in this area.

Today, however, the common desire is that Damanhur can expand even far away, giving life to new community experiences, which develop the foundations of Falco Tarasacco’s teachings and the experience of the Damanhurians according to other cultures and visions. One of the first initiatives that is progressing here in Europe is in Spain.

An idea cultivated over time

For several years, when Falco was still alive, a Damanhurian community was supposed to exist in the Iberian country, and today things are finally moving in that direction. Many Spaniards, native or residing, have in fact taken to travel between Damanhur and their country with the declared intention to realize Damanhur-Spain and today even the territory seems to be available. Many people from Spain took part in the New Life project and last summer, in the office of the Damanhurian Department of Foreign Affairs, a dream was born! Now it is actually moving towards the concrete realization phase of the project and the Spanish group, formed by people who are already citizens of Damanhur going back and forth between Italy and Spain, from others who have done the New Life project and with people who are joining along the way, are participating in regular meetings and official plans are being written.

A project with two poles

In a very beautiful area in nature, which already houses various spiritual communities, including Buddhists and Sufi, located a couple of hours west of Madrid and an hour from Toledo, where the Damanhur center is already located, ther is an area identified for the first settlement, made available by one of the participants. With the launch of the project, the idea is to move the center and healing activities from Toledo to a nearby town.
The current idea is to create a project with two poles; the first, an urban center based in Madrid, where some would already live together creating a ‘nucleus’, following the activities of the center during the week and a second pole in the countryside, with a few permanent people but where everyone would go on the weekends to start creating the structures and realize the community. The goal is to build a healing center, including Damanhurian community elements and characteristics such as a spiral, altars dedicated to the Elements, a circle for rituality, stone circuits and more!

From a dream to practicality

The group is cohesive and enthusiastic, aware that now is the time to take action. Recently, the Damanhurians have identified the requisites that characterize a Damanhurian community to allow the realization of so many Damanhur centers and communities in the world, and the promoter group of the Spanish experience is starting to apply them, to get to the goal as soon as possible. The experience of Damanhur teaches that dreams, in order to be fulfilled, need to go through the trial of the practical aspects; so Jacana Campanula, Beluga Paulonia, Stelu, Jenny, Mayte, Raquel, Yina, Mila, Shabad, Yolanda, Theresa, with the help of Nancho, Susana, Ana, Esther and Salamandra, are starting to write a draft statute, based on the encounter between their ideas and the Damanhurian tradition, and to follow all the administrative, managerial, technical and practical procedures to fill and realize their dream.
Are you interested in creating a community near your home or do you want to learn how to create a sustainable community?