When journalists and university scholars come and decide to study Damanhur from a sociological or anthropological point of view, the first question they ask is almost always the same: What is a typical day for a Damanhurian?
Each Damanhurian has a life that is different from the others, with different rhythms and obligations depending on which job they do, which nucleo community they live in, which Spiritual Way they have chosen, and so on.

Without this kind of diversity expressed in thousands of nuances, life would certainly be more boring and less rich with stimuli, which broaden our horizons and perspectives. This must be the reason that, when we come home and have dinner together in the evening, it is always interesting to share what happened during the day and discover something we didn’t know.
However, there is an exception to the rule. One day a week, we all tend to align ourselves to a common rhythm. On Sunday mornings we do work together in our various nucleo communities.
So, you can see the houses suddenly transform into anthills where so many people are coming and going, transporting things, building, cleaning, creating order, taking care of the garden, cooking, painting and many other tasks.
The atmosphere on Sunday morning is really wonderful, and eating lunch together is always a celebration. During lunch, we talk about the work we have done and that which we have yet to finish.
And sure enough, there are always friends, family members and guests who join us, wanting to know more about our lives.

If you also want to come and get to know life in Damanhur, we will gladly add a seat to the table!