The magical atmosphere that can be felt in the Sacred Woods Temple is not only pleasing to feel, it also has many functions. One of these is connected with childbirth.

Since the beginning of Damanhur, birth and the path of preparation that precedes it have always received special attention and care. In a place like Damanhur where every moment of life is a ritual, where magic is an important aspect of life, the months of pregnancy are approached very carefully. The development of a baby is cared for and thought of not only from a physical point of view, but also from a subtle one. There are moments dedicated to breathing practices, visualization, connecting with the body and supporting its well-being, harmonization, and also working on the microlines of the fetus, as well as contact with the baby in the uterus.

In recent years, the Sacred Woods Temple has been playing a very important role for this path of pregnancy. In particular, the relationship with Diamantel is fundamental. Diamantel is the oldest oak tree, the “decana” (revered elder tree of the woods), whom we turn to as a counselor and friend.

The current expectant mothers take part in some dynamics at the Sacred Woods Temple, for example walking the labyrinths, receiving pranatherapy in a stone seat dedicated to healing energy, taking walks in the woods, contacting the stream and the area of the woods connected to feminine energy. Above all, they take time to contact Diamantel. This relationship has been growing strongly over the last two years, with many dedicated moments, including the moment when the new mothers present the babies who are arriving. It is a exciting moment when the women contact the tree, presenting themselves and introducing their little ones while still in the womb.