If I had to describe a “typical” Damanhurian, it would be quite difficult since we are talking about a community of individualists where diversity is a fundamental value. Maybe I would describe him or her as a happy person… happy and busy.

Living in a place like the Sacred Woods gives all of us a chance to embody this “busy” description. The residents of the Sacred Woods are tireless and hardworking, and they make many efforts to improve the conditions of the plant life and to conduct research in all areas related to the woods and its many functions. Taking care of such a vast wooded area is not an easy job. There is so much to do, and there are always new and demanding tasks.

One of tasks that has been carried out recently is the harvesting and drying of dandelion, which has been used as a tea and distributed during one of our community celebrations. There is still nettle, mallow and lemon balm to be collected, which together with the dandelion comprises the herbal tea of the woods, which we share with our friends and community members, international ones as well. Cinghiale is also preparing a “magic potion” made with a dandelion base.

On our various lands, we are planting new plants and building new flowerbeds. At Tin, a small spiral of aromatic flowers has been created, and at Porta del Sole and Sidalte there are growing flower beds. We are also mapping the wild plants that grow in the woods.

In the area dedicated to food conservation which is almost complete, there is a food dehydrator ready to be used. We celebrated the inauguration of the space with sparkling wine and cake made by Gheppio!