The Popolo votes on new vegetable namesIf you are feeling stuck in a certain personality pattern, what better way to shift yourself out of it than taking on a new name? Or taking off on ‘Viaggio‘ – a spontaneous travel adventure with your friends and spiritual companions?

Change is the only constant in the Game of Life at Damanhur, and the electric buzz of transformation is in the air these days, as citizens take on new animal and plant names with great speed and fervor, and friends from Damanhur Centers – who participated in a recent ‘Viaggio’ with Damanhurians traveling to Damanhur centers in Italy and Europe – have received animal names for the first time.

Here’s a list of the new names!

Animal names of Damanhurians
Elena is Balena (Whale)
Mila is Tucano (Toucan)
Simon is Capriolo (Roe Deer)

Plant names of Damanhurians
Artemia salina Nigella (Brine Shrimp Nigella)Foto4_Tigrillo
Chrysoperla Quinoa (Green Lacewing Quinoa)
Geco Lupino (Gecko Lupine)
Lodolaio Melone (Hobby Melon)
Nausica Cima di rapa (Nausica Turnip Tops)
Sparviero Sughero (Sparrowhawk Cork Tree)
Allocco Tagete (Tawny Owl Marigold)
Razza Spirulina (Ray Spirulina)
Colibrì Argan (Hummingbird Argan)
Faraona Cicoria (Guinea-Fowl Chicory)                                   
Serpentario Malva (Secretarybird Mallow)
Hobbit Margherita (Hobbit Daisy)

Animal names of Damanhur Center members
Florence, Italy
Laura is Chiocciola (Snail)

Vincenzo is Colombaccio (Wood Pigeon)
Sergio is Inia (Amazon River Dolphin)
Patrizia is Manul (Pallas’s Cat)
Robert is Markhor (a wild goat)
Simone is Taipan (a snake)

The worlds happiest animal, the Quokka at Rottnest Island. Pic Mogens Johansen, The West Australian 6/08/13
The worlds happiest animal, the Quokka at Rottnest Island.

Chiara is Amba (Snow Tiger)
Carla is Saola (Ox)

Bermago, Italy
Luciana is Quokka (Quokka)

Bologna, Italy
Daniela is Gattopardo (Tiger Cat)

Zagreb, Croatia
Martina is Okapi (Okapi)
Dado is Maiale (Pig)
Hrovje is Grizzly (Grizzly)
Tomislav is Mangusta (Mongoose)
Ljiljana is Rusa (a deer)
Antonija is Torpedine (Electric Ray)
Maja is Bertuccia ( Macaque Monkey)

Vienna, Austria
Martina is Labrador (Labrador)
Veronika is Bradipo (Sloth)


What animal or plant name would you ask for? Share in the comments below…