The main theme that exists in Damanhur these days is renewal. Perhaps, those who know Damanhur could argue that the topic of renewal, change and transformation is a main theme at every moment, being that transformation continues to be one of the main guidelines of Damanhurian philosophy, but in the last year this need has also become, in addition to an intimate goal for every Damanhurian, a main goal in the Federation of Communities.

This revision takes place mainly around four fundamental themes: structure, economy, diffusion in the world and citizenship, that is to say the possibility of membership in Damanhur.

The organizational structure, in many ways, is the area that is most like an open construction site at the moment. In the last two years, the ‘Sages’ appointed by Falco to watch over the growth of Damanhur have promoted a kind of political laboratory in which new leaders have been appointed and new roles created, with the aim of defining the form of “government” suitable for the times with a deadline of the next summer solstice. On that date, the appointed officials will lapse and the Damanhurians, as per tradition, will return to elect the leaders of the various areas. The internal debate around these points is naturally very active.

Another area being redefined is that of work. After more than forty years in which the Damanhurians practiced self-sufficiency with pleasure and commitment, realizing a professional and economic circuit based mainly on internal resources and self-financing, now is the time of the opening of Damanhurian companies also to new synergies with professionals and consultants who come from the ethical and sustainable management world, which can bring a more global view of the business world. So alongside the traditional enterprises linked to the initiatives of the Damanhurians who have learned by themselves, through the practice, the craft they wish to carry out such as the Temples of Humankind, for example, have arisen developing this principle. Now new initiatives are born and reborn to project a movement like Damanhur into a dimension that allows better planning of development and of the future.

The future, indeed, is in many ways, the present, will see Damanhur spread in the world not simply because people from different countries know about it and come to visit, but because the tendency will be to focus less on welcoming people in Italian communities but instead on encouraging the development of Damanhurian community experiences also abroad. A philosophical thought like that of Falco Tarassaco, the founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur, can not be forced into a local experience but must be enriched with new points of view and elaborations, encountering different cultures and spiritual traditions. For this reason, one of the challenges of the coming years will be to spread Damanhur around the world, without losing its fundamental values but enriching them with new elements.

In all of this, a transformation of the concept of “Damanhurian citizenship” is also being studied. Until a few years ago, the clear definitions of “resident citizen”, that is, people living in community, and of “non-resident citizen”, eg. people who follow the Damanhurian philosophy without living together, were sufficient. Today there are many requests, needs, aspirations, projects and dreams that develop new concepts of citizenship and it is important for the Damanhurians to be able to rewrite this part of their history. The intent is to be ever more inclusive and to recognize a role for all those who, from their country, their personal history and their dream, ask to unite with Damanhur.

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