About 30 years ago, a friend of Panda Sandalo’s met a particular woman on the train on her way to university. What was special about this woman was that she had an animal name, and talked about her community, Damanhur. This friend of Panda’s was intrigued and invited her friends to go with her to visit this community. Panda was curious about the place herself, and when she arrived she found a lightness and humor in the peoples way of living and their way of relating to the world. She was a young women who loved to dream and fantasize about the future, and in this place called Damanhur she saw that people were dreamers like her, but instead of just fantasizing they were realizing their dreams. Some time after her first visit she said to herself “I also want to live like that, I also want to have fun!” and so she decided to move to Damanhur!

Would you like to visit Damanhur?