Jean Houston speaks at Damanhur Crea on “The Importance of Myth in Transformation and Social Change: Reflections on Damanhur’s Global Impact” with Peggy Rubin first of May 2014.

Jean Houston is a scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, based out of Ashland, Oregon. She’s considered one of the main founders of the Human Potential Movement, and for over 50 years, she’s taught worldwide about social change and personal growth, often using art and music. She has worked around the world as an adviser to UNICEF, and since 2003, she has been working with the United Nations Development Program, training leaders in human and cultural development. Jean has written 26 books translated in many languages. 

“…In this mythic society called Damanhur, you are really building a sense of the larger stories that can exist for us now and in the emerging future. As I look at your tools, your Selfic, wander through your Temples of Humankind, eat your interesting food, talk to you, become aware of the incredible mythic base of your society, you are holding the seeds which in a sense are earth seeds and cosmic seeds of the story of times that are trying to emerge. The new story. The important thing is to really know and celebrate the fact that you are creating and living within a precious alchemical gift. My great friend, the physicist and all around renaissance man Ervin Laszlo says that Damanhur is the laboratory for the future of humanity on earth. I know that sometimes with all that you have to do, with entropy always trying to rise up to stop you, you may sometimes loose heart, but take it from someone who has been around for a long, long time. I come from a family that doesn’t age, I am going to be 77 my next birthday, though I will tell you in all these years I have seen a great deal of human life and what is happening here is exceptional, unique and very important for the future of humanity…”

Jean Houston