Alchemy, like magic, is an ancient forgotten science that, in antiquity, made it possible to access the great potentialities offered by life in all its manifestations.

In Damanhur, the Alchemy School  is an evolutionary path. On this path, refinement comes about through the use of the first alchemical laboratory capable of distilling and synthesizing not only physical substances, but also emotions and very complex subtle energies, that is: the body.

In this journey of contact with yourself and with the elements of nature, you can discover: how to interact with the subtle entities that are around us, how to collect and distill living substances, how to use sacred geometries and ritual systems from the ancient esoteric tradition in order to – first of all – transform yourself, and also bring new meaning into your life.

If Alchemy intrigues you, than this free webinar could be for you. 🙂