My name is Nibbio Origano and I have lived in Damanhur for almost forty years. On December 31, 2012, when I was almost sixty years old, I prepared to enter the new year just like everyone else, but ended up starting it in a rather unusual way. In fact I had a series of successive heart attacks, with two cardiac arrests. Thanks to the readiness of the people who were with me at home in the Damanhurian community of Lavallaorò, and of course eventually the doctors, I was able to be present at all the subsequent New Years celebrations. I remained for about ten days in a pharmacological coma and then for a few weeks in the ward after waking up.

My experience with the disease started this way but thankfully today I’m fine. Now I live with my crazy heart and the world of reflections and discoveries that opened up before me in those days.

Falco Tarassaco, my spiritual guide, said that we can consider a disease as a manifestation of the energy of the Grail, which puts us in contact with deep parts of ourselves and of life that would otherwise be unknown. I can honestly say that I have crossed a dimension that has changed so many things within me.

First i knew, now i understand

What I want to share with you is the experience of the coma, during which I have experienced first hand so many things that we can read in books. In my case, the experiences related to death, of which Falco many times had talked to us, are really true. Suspended in that forced sleep I was out of my body because I couldn’t truly sleep so much. I met situations, characters and perceptions that are hard to describe.

I actually lived through many concepts that I had previously only studied. I finally understood what it means to be out of the body, what a real emotion is, what is maya and what is real… all those things that before, I simply “knew” in my head, now I truly understand them, now they are definitely written inside me because I have lived them first hand.

It takes humor

When I recovered, I brought all these experiences and knowledge with me and began a phase of my life with new points of view. When you are “there”, you understand what things really exist and what are only apparent. Now I’m much more detached in the way I deal with things. Many things that we squabble about, and are passionate about, which in itself is not negative, but the important thing is the measure. In reality they do not exist, but only serve to make us develop the emotions that will then be our compass when we’re going through death.

I find it humorous that the things that actually have value are quite different from what we believe to be valuable.
Even today I get angry if I see a situation that is not right, and of course I still love the people dear to me with the same love as before, but I do so with a smile that reminds me that everything is relative and to be taken seriously but not too seriously.
Particle Physics teaches us that we are made of emptiness, and that reality is empty. Well, it is a reflection that I no longer face only on a cultural level but as a profound experience that I lived through myself.

What is real then?

What is real are the experiences that we live and most importantly, how we live them. This illness or disease, this Grail presents itself to invite you to change your logic. It is not said that a problem that presents itself to you is really an energy that will transform you, and it is not said that a heart attack can be more of a teacher than a common cold. However if you are able to look at this opportunity with gratitude and a wider perspective, then it can be a unique opportunity to really learn something.
I don’t recommend it, but if you happen to live with illness or disease, explore it and try to enjoy it to the fullest!