I do not know what your
idea of ‘Everything’ is

We are happy to share a historical editorial of Falco Tarassaco, founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur. This is a first, we promise to share more original texts of Falco with you in the future. This text was written back in 1984, but it seems more prevalent than ever.

“Androgynous is an ideal end, a point of arrival and means the perfect union in the primordial individual. Through the androgynous, the male and female components can come together, thus giving life to a being that has an understanding of a greater number of levels of knowledge. Man perceives reality differently from the woman, while the woman has a different sensitivity from the man:

if these two ways of feeling were reunited, the potentiality of the human being would greatly expand.

There are various schools and various means to achieve this goal. Some tantric schools start from the hypothesis, for example, to be able to use sexual force to trigger long-term processes. Tantric yoga is not based so much on certain physical positions, but rather on a specific type of thought.

Androgyny means for every man to awaken his feminine part and for every woman to awaken her masculine part.

The moment in which the androgynous state will be achieved, the human potential will multiply. Then it will also be possible to contact highly evolved beings, because the human forces will be multiplied to the square. One plus one, will not give a value equal to two, but, in this case, a value equal to four.

The awakening of the femminine part for men and the masculine part for women, in the moment in which these two aspects are multiplied, will give a value equal to four. Each individual will multiply his own potential by four.
In other words, the minimum potential for not being deaf and blind will be obtained, we will begin to “see” the various beings of nature, to contact, as if man was a radio transmitter, the various forces of the universe “.

Falco Tarassaco, February 1984

What is the totality of the human being for you? How do you plan to reach it?