What is life?

Who knows if there is life outside the Earth. We mean physical, material and conscious life. Each of us is convinced of something, but in reality it is always about philosophical and ideological convictions. The only way to have certainties would be to have actually met them, in a waking state, but only whoever has done so can know for sure.
Today the most established and widespread attitude is the possibility, from Copernicus onwards, that the Earth is not the center of the universe and therefore cannot be considered a privileged reality compared to others, even if it is difficult to imagine that there may be places even more beautiful than our magnificent planet!

It is easy to see that we can no longer exclude that there are other places in the universe in which life has developed. What is life? It is a cycle of formation, development, decay of a form, during which the form itself can give existence to successive forms with the same characteristics. It is difficult to think that this happens only on a certain blue planet that revolves around a small star. Nor can we exclude, going forward with reasoning, that life develops in an evolved form, that is not only in a sentient form but also with the ability to communicate with our counterparts and to modify the environment. In practice: forming civilization.

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, the terrestrial narrative, of others we do not have any news, spoke of extraterrestrial civilizations as a species mostly interested in invading the Earth. Today this has subsided but certainly seeing flying saucers appear in the sky, or whatever the heck it would look like, surely at first it would not be reassuring for anyone. In Europe we fear African humans arriving on boats, elsewhere we talk about erecting walls to stop the immigrants; can you imagine how happy we would be to see ET or Darth Vader waving from a porthole of a spaceship?
Seriously, the reality that aliens exist is statistically probable. What is certain is that the theme fascinates us well beyond the real possibilities of contact.

Heroes and aliens

The aliens are part of our imagery, waiting for them to be part of our experience, at least as much as Hercules, Aphrodite or Gilgamesh. Indeed, today they have in some ways taken their place, so much so that for the most recent generations the Star Wars saga will probably reveal the same importance of the Homeric poems for previous generations.
What is the point of view of the Damanhurians? Simple: the aliens do not exist!
Or better yet, in the universe there is a lot of life. So, they do exist! However we cannot consider them “aliens”, as they are part of our own universe and of the same vital force to which we are linked. The energy that characterizes our universe, also called the Primeval Divinity of Man, represents the spiritual DNA of every living creature, so the extraterrestrials are our relatives and not aliens. It may seem like a fallacy but if we learn to consider them as an expression of the same energy that animates us, like other faces of life, our way of reasoning also changes.

What if they were already among us?

Falco Tarassaco also claimed that on the planet there are many individuals from other species, perhaps different from the physical point of view but compatible from the soul point of view. What does it mean “compatible from a soul point of view”? It means that these beings can sometimes use our body to exercise and use our senses to perceive reality, without us almost realizing it. In that “almost” there is a world within us such as our sensitivity, our attention, our ability not to be afraid but to be curios.
In general, in Damanhur it is thought that extraterrestrial life exists, that it can manifest itself in many ways and that the species of humanity passes through contacts between planets and civilizations from very distant origins. But above all, it is thought that it is important to always consider those different from us, as an extension of oneself. This can teach us to really meet others, which is the only way to meet ourselves.
Is it useful to believe in extraterrestrials? Yes, it serves to better understand those who live here on Earth!