For some years now, Damanhur has been coming to the other side of the world and exploring Australia. We want to tell you about us, the Damanhurian initiates, living in Australia. We are currently a group of 18 initiates in the Meditation School, scattered in our great, home country. Most of our group is located in Perth, Western Australia, where we established our first center, with other members in Margaret River (4 hours drive from Perth), Adelaide in southern Australia (3 hours by plane) and Sydney, New South Wales (5 hours by plane).

We are grateful to Squalo Canapa and Tridacna Belladonna, Damanhurians, who came from Italy to visit Australia and were the first to bring us the initial seed of Damanhur. In 2016, we formed a group to study the philosophy of Damanhur through weekly internet meetings. I think we must be the “corks” described by Falco Tarassaco, since we all felt very drawn to this mission even though most of the group had no experience of Damanhur and for many of us the first visit to Damanhur was only in 2018 (Falco called “corks” the souls that since the previous lives have been part of the spiritual mission for the Awakening of Humanity, as it is today for Damanhur).

A certain pioneering spirit was needed to find out how to grow the “group” archetype when there are great physical distances that separate us … both between us here in Australia and from Italy.

Creating opportunities to come together with Damanhur is important to us because we have experienced how direct meetings, not only through the web, create much stronger bonds. Damanhur promotes the use of projects as a way to bring people together for a common purpose and we are experiencing the many benefits.

Our first project (which is still ongoing) was to build a “column of the Temples” in our center in Perth. It looks like a totem pole with a rainbow snake that wraps around the column. This was our first experience in expressing ourselves in a collective work of art. For many it has brought new challenges, such as considering ourselves artists and accepting the ideas and contributions of others.

The next project was to create a spiral and a sacred space. Our dream became a reality when we gathered for the Summer Solstice (in Australia) last December 2018. Members of Margaret River and Adelaide stayed with the Perth group for many days, physically working together with Tridacna to collect and position the rocks to make these sacred symbols on the earth.

This experience has strengthened the bonds between our group and also our connection with Damanhur, since we now have an active spiral and a sacred space to practice the weekly ritual connection with the spirits of nature.

And finally, in June 2019, in our sacred space here in Australia, we celebrated the ritual of the Winter Solstice with Condor, Stambecco and Tridacna while in Damanhur, in Europe, the rite of the Summer Solstice was celebrated!

Future projects include the construction of another spiral in Adelaide and the creation of a pyramid next to the ritual space in our Perth center. Another pioneering commitment is to express the original Australian expression that we can bring to the complexity of Damanhur in the world. Australia is an ancient land, rich in the memories and dreams of the aboriginal natives and home to a wonderful diversity of nature. We are starting research on local sacred plants and connecting to the mother worlds, aligning ourselves with the energies of this earth, trees and nature spirits.

We hope to deepen our connection with the ancestral legacy of the Australian natives, honoring their great wisdom and seeking ways to support their important contribution to humanity’s diversity.

The Damanhur group in Australia is committed to sharing the vision of Falco Tarassaco and Damanhur in order to attract more people into our collective mission: to grow our community in the most harmonious and synchronic way and help ourselves and others to grow in joy, in diversity, in connection, and in service. We look forward to more interaction with Damanhurian communities around the world and to be able to exchange hospitality in the future.

Damanhur Medit-Action group in Australia