Finding elements of joy within a physical problem is difficult. Health is the fullness of our resources, the elements through which we normally seek happiness. It is certainly not the thought of suffering that makes us overflow with joy. On the other hand, we would never wish sickness onto another person, to a loved one or to a person who is indifferent to us, so how could we look at it for ourselves, as a bearer of joy, enthusiasm or positive energy?

Having said that, there is still more to say. When we say that we are not machines, we mean to say that we are not perfect mechanisms to which it is enough only to do some light maintenance to keep ourselves in perfect health, but we affirm that disease, like the distant relative that we call old age, is just a part of life. Disease, after all, is an element of normality, in the same way that a storm is part of the climate of our cities, even if we prefer the sun, we know that the showers are part of normal events.

Effect, not the cause

If we look at it from this point of view, even a disease, one that can lead us to death, which of course can be difficult to deal with, is an element in which we can find good energies worth learning to distill. The presence of an illness breaks the pattern of our life and asks us to meet ourselves. When we experience suffering, be it a diminution of efficiency or pain, meeting oneself is indispensable.

On the contrary, we often get sick when we move away from ourselves, or our aspirations and love for our life. We separate from what we do and then the body isolates itself and begins to manifest some problems. Illness is the spy that tells us that something is wrong and that we need to take a moment to reflect and start loving ourselves and each other again.

So, in reality, often the disease is the effect, not the cause of our illness. And in the moment in which it manifests itself, it gives us the possibility to face the malaise before it causes new trouble.
The process to succeed is an opportunity to reflect on ourselves. Ask yourself what your desires are, stop pretending and clarify those situations that make us suffer. These are the ways to enter deeply into a connection with yourself and rediscover the taste of life.

Like an old friend

At that point healing begins which we will welcome with profound gratitude towards life and towards the harmony of the universe, which in return welcomes us. Maybe we will see that even if sometimes the discomfort remains, it is like an old friend after all who knows us and that we know well. One who helps remind us to take better care of ourselves.

The presence of an illness is always, if we want it of course, an occasion for verification, reflection, meeting with oneself, and therefore an opportunity for enrichment and growth. It brings us good energy, even when it causes us tiredness and worry. Health is a precious commodity that must be cultivated and deserved; knowing how to welcome it is like an opportunity to expand yourself and better understand life as it is the only way to preserve it.

And you, do you have a personal experience of how disease has brought enrichment and maturation into your life?