Being healthy, in its broadest sense, means being happy. When we are happy, we feel spontaneously connected to everything that surrounds us and it is easy to have a feeling of love and acceptance towards others. But when is the last time you felt this sensation?

What intelligence really helps us?

In everyday life we ​​often rely on our mental intelligence to solve problems of all kinds, but our intellectual abilities are also able to effectively face the setbacks that, for example, impose the disease? Our emotional intelligence is the only aspect that is able to face the traumas deriving from a physical, mental and energetic imbalance. While we seek to recover the state of health through specialized medical care and symptomatic treatments, it is essential to remember that a deeper healing can often be achieved only by adding a spiritual component, which places the awareness of our emotions and states of consciousness at the center.

Spiritual healing

Bringing attention to the spiritual component has nothing to do with being religious or following certain rituals. It is possible to develop your own healing rituals, that is a series of positive actions and thoughts that lead us to re-establish an inner harmony, even without having to believe in a God or a definite spiritual authority. Spiritual is everything that connects us to life in its broadest and most universal meaning, to the breath of nature and to the awareness that we are part of a physical and subtle ecosystem that is vital to recognize and respect.

The most significant thing in a healing process is to recognize and awaken the inner, self-healing power. Most of our problems are caused by a deep internal disconnection and a feeling of separation and isolation. Re-establishing deep connections with pure energy sources, creating a healing space based on listening to our emotions and feeling the heart, allows us to reignite the internal engine that activates an important energy flywheel, the only one that can keep us healthy!

All peoples smile in the same language

But is there a school to learn all this?

In Damanhur the School for Spiritual Healers has existed for over twenty-five years. It includes people who have decided to explore their own healing path and learn more about healing others, or people who have simply heard the call to live a more balanced and conscious life. There are many disciplines that enrich the annual programs of the School, because knowledge is the first door to open when we want to venture into a path of healing and self-transformation.

If you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us, your health is important to us!