When thinking about our own death or the death of a loved one, we are often accompanied by fear and a sense of loss and helplessness. However, establishing a connection with the realm of the beyond can help give understanding and create a peaceful relationship with this important passage rather than fearing it.

In Damanhurian philosophy, death is viewed as another side of life itself. This is because neither life nor death could exist without the other since both are part of the perpetual motion that drives every being to renew itself. Therefore, in our philosophy, there is great emphasis on the art of dying; meaning that we believe that it’s a necessity to learn how to die, and how to die well. If you think about it, we learn about almost all of the phases of life; as children we learn how to walk and how to talk, then how to become adults and have responsibilities etc. but no one teaches us how to prepare for death.

In Damanhur we have a group of people that are specialized in caring for those who are dying and those who have passed away. This function is not new, but has been an important and honorable function in many ancient civilizations and amongst indigenous peoples. They help the people to prepare the passage to the other side and guide them through the process.

In this video they give some insights on why preparing for death is an important part of our lives, and give advice on how you can prepare for this moment in your own life.

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