Tritone and Zigola share about their adventures in tree orientation in Denmark…

“It was not part of our travel plan to orient trees, but from the moment we decided to bring the Selfic pendulum for orienting trees, new events came up on our path, and after following a series of synchronic events, we found ourselves with the King Oak, a tree estimated to be around 2000 years old!

tree groupThe day before, we had seen information about the King Oak on the internet, and we decided to make a trip to go orient it. It was an hour by car from Copenhagen. We woke up in the morning with that extra awareness you can experience when you know that you are about to do something very important. It’s like the excitement of feeling butterflies in the stomach and the presence of the mind and heart, similar to going on Viaggio.

We walked through the snow for about 45 minutes through a magnificent old forest of beech, pine and oak, right next to the coast. The closer we got, the more the expectations rose to meet the Tree, said to be the oldest living being in Europe. It felt like the tree knew of our presence before we could even see it, and feelings of friendship and closeness started to fill our hearts as we came nearer to the King Oak. When we finally saw it, there was no doubt that it was that Tree. The tree was Ancient! The body that once occupied 14 meters in diameter was an enormous broken down stump and a few very big branches held up by crutches of wood put up by humans to support her body.

treeAfter digesting the initial wave of emotions being in the vicinity of this creature, we slowly started to circle around it, in order to get a closer look. At last, we ended up next to it and we were happy to see a mouse peeking its head out from its house. Someone had also offered a mistletoe that was lying next to the root. In Denmark, mistletoe is a symbol of opportunity and union. It made me think of the union we are experiencing with the trees, and the unification of the mother worlds: human, plant and nature spirit worlds. We offered the orientation as a gift of friendship, and we each sat down to write our impressions.

Then we said our goodbyes and even though we wanted to stay much longer, we hurried back to the car because I (Tritone) had wet, cold pants from sitting and writing for so long in the snow.

We had made a new friend.

Con voi!”

Tritone Crisantemo and Zigola