Spirituality, in one of its thousands of meanings, signifies the link between conditions that are apparently contradictory. Considering life and death as the continuation of one another, for example; to face your destiny with free will, just to make another example. The laws of the universe, so extremely simple and yet extremely complex at the same time (another apparent contradiction) can be interpreted and applied from different angles. Magic is both arithmetic and poetry, both creativity and rigor, and some fields of research seem to make it their mission to demonstrate this assumption.
Let’s talk about numerology. In Damanhur, it is a subject of attention. Despite not being among the direct teachings of Falco Tarassaco, unlike spiritual physics, selfica, inner harmonization and many others, it has always been explored by Damanhurian researchers, in particular, by Delfino Mogano and Piviere Cetriolo; the latter has recently passed away this spring, and we remember and honor him here with affection and esteem.
Both authors of books and courses on the subject, the two Damanhurian researchers explain numerology as an ancient science, which reads in the numbers of people, connected to the letters that make up their names, talents and tests that will be part of their lives.

What does numerology say?

How can such a random event, like the name chosen by our parents, reveal our profound characteristics and direct us towards certain events?
Everything is a number“, said the Greek philosopher Pythagoras in the sixth century BC, meaning that in “everything” there is also the metaphysical meaning. The principle on which numerology is based is that of the encounter between statistics and synchronicity. Statistics tells us what the chances are that a given thing will happen, whereas synchronicity distributes those probabilities over time. A given name, combined with a particular surname, corresponding to a date of birth (all elements which are reducible in figures) correspond to a given character, certain habits and a possible destiny. This derives from the links that synchronicity creates between events and their manifestations.

The director is the person

The important point is to ask ourselves if in the end, we risk finding ourselves enclosed in a number, within which our character, our interests, our relationship with others, our strengths are already defined and all we have to do is comply.
The picture that the numbers show us is clear, precise, and indicates possible lines of development but it is up to us to find a way to put it into practice. Two good actors can read the same poem in different ways, respecting the text but enriching it with nuances that come from their sensitivity. Likewise, two translators can rewrite the same literary text faithfully, but with different effects. Our numbers, therefore, represent the starting point, which is important and characterizing, from which we give shape to our own life. The person is always the director.

The flexibility of the universe

The spiritual meaning of the universal laws is precisely that of flexibility. They indicate a starting framework with which each individual and each group can decide to dialogue, shape their own history and, in doing so, the history of the universe itself.
The reality of Damanhur itself bears witness to this, a precise teaching, a defined life philosophy, which developed thanks to how each Damanhurian interpreted them and made them come alive.
Which apparent rigid areas, such as work, home, religion and so on can actually reveal spaces of great creativity? Here is the starting point for a beautiful meditation …

Because numerology teaches us that things are not “reduced” but “transformed” into numbers.

Read the book of Piviere Cetriolo! (for now in Italian only)