Encountering the Egyptian goddess Nut at the same time as the beginning of the operation for the settlement of the masculine force of the Earth is much more than a sign of destiny! In the Temples of Humankind, Nut is depicted as she helps her brother/husband Geb, god of the earth, to come out to the surface, but when we chose this image for the calendar, we did not know that we would launch this magical operation for everyone in the world precisely in December.

Originally, Nut and Geb represent an androgynous being, the feminine and the masculine united in a single body. Unfortunately, the god of the sun Ra was jealous of their happiness, and he commanded them to be divided. Even though they were separated into two distinct beings, Nut and Geb did not stop loving each other and seeking completeness in the other.

Nut got pregnant, and Ra was furious and tried to prevent the birth, but Thoth, the god of magic and knowledge, intervened in favor of the goddess, winning the game of extra days, the epagomenal days. During the last days of the year, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis and Nephthys were born, and other generations of gods would be born from them.

The androgynous being formed by Nut and Geb is very significant with regards to what is happening on the planet right now. Our Mother Earth is expressing this in many ways. Her more welcoming, feminine energies have already started to recuperate some of our fundamental values, such as care, community, justice, education, creativity, sexuality through love, joy and beauty. The feminine part of the androgynous is already reawakened, and now is the time to reawaken the masculine side. Nut, together with all the goddess mothers and all the divinities venerated as bearers of these values, pours her own thoughts and energy towards Pan – whom she has known as Geb – and supports his reawakening, so that the reawakening of the Feminine supports the reawakening of the Masculine, which has always been connected to the forces of nature, vital energy, free will, the protection of peace, and choices.

The androgynous being is both the starting point and the end point for the experience of life. In Damanhur in the Temples of Humankind, it is depicted in the Hall of the Earth – which is directly connected to Pan – on a curved wall where the androgynous being represents the first step in the history of humanity and the final point of the same history.

The time has come for reawakened feminine energy to support the reawakening of masculine energy. Nut knows this path as she has already moved through it, and she can also indicate the way to Pan-Geb, to lead him back to the common home of all the forces who live in communion with the universe.

Nut also indicates the way for us, as it is also through the participation of every woman and every man that the great evolutionary cycles of the planet can come to fruition. Simple and essential things are needed: living with respect, thinking positively, sharing with others, honoring the diversities that unite us, encountering nature within ourselves, and defending the nature around us. These are the values of the Great Reawakening.

How can we speak with Nut? How can we perceive her voice? If you seek her within yourself, looking at her image on the calendar or in one of the Egyptian representations, you will hear her sharp and clear. Tonight, you can look up at the night sky, trace the patterns of the stars with your gaze, and recognize that they are the home that you came from, and the place your soul desires to return. As she helps Pan to arrive and awaits to reunite with the androgynous being, Nut will be there, speaking to you.