Response for Damanhur and for those who are listening

Answer of the Oracle

Upheavals,  tantrums,
uncontrolled emotional wave.
Concealed warlike action. 
Spread apart obscured plans
while maintaining solidity in sudden changes.
Diasporas of values.
Spirituality sought out more in appearance
than in essence.
Seek thread of contact
with what is most sacred. 
Militate in the new present. 
Seize an event that transforms,
ask for allied help. 
Interspecies communication,
the leap of the intellect from one to multiple bridge species. 
Liberate space in the mind. 
From egocentrism to the galactic “we.” 
Remember the relativity of all things,
fix coordinates of reference-recognition in time-times,
and the signals from the stars.
Keep listening…