Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Planetary war in progress, round of idleness.
When the light is collective, positive impact on the world.
Insist, with love, send the message of freedom.
First of all, believe it.
The clean and restored house can bring new forces, new arrivals to Damanhur.
In still waters, protect and build again.
Gentle and constructive heartfelt voices.
Abolish all forms of violence, even those veiled by gentle ways.
Healing the soul cures subtle and physical disharmonies.
Huddle together to be stronger.
Surprising turns from the economic steering wheel.
The network of spheres like a beehive.
Synchronic lines spread, attract great echoing masses.
Souls and life travel.
Get closer to your tree-friend.
Strengthen the defense of territories.
Subtle assurances from fire water earth air.
Every day perceptible.