The Oracle of November is dedicated to Pan, God of the Earth, so that he stabilizes and harmonizes in every being on planet Earth, strengthens intuition, and helps to bring cleanliness and harmony, within and around us, on the planet.

The answer of the Oracle:

Observe humanity.
Fabric of love, for the world
every day a thought.
New societies of beauty, of the earth,
of simplicity and the illusion
of the technological direction.
Rebalance the two directions.
New operations to repair
the temporal tissue.
Far away from the emotionality
of the lost world,
find the point of origin, objective, end.
Beyond the mirror
facetious and indifferent observers support you.
Do not confuse the sacred with the profane.
A simple act of love in support
of the written dream.
Happy horizons open up in the name of
true friendship.
Virtue and purity to correct
tendencies of immaturity.
Draw inspiration controlled by
experience and wisdom.
May Damanhur be
an eternal beacon of light
for those who are seeking.
Now and always.