Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Thought chisel.
Branch of the new year.
Hidden theories reveal themselves
In the coming times.
Mechanical theories.
elementary and super intelligent particles
Come into your existence.
Collection of them.
stormy periods.
The rough sea swallows those who among the waves
Do not know how to navigate.
Camouflage in the folds
Of a compromised plan.
Resist, to exist.
Soldiers arriving, events shifting.
Survive the fall, if prepared
Don’t continue as expected.
Can contain so much
Remember who you are.
Verification in progress, to choose those
Who will meet at the next jump.
Permeators of sacredness.
wear it into your skin, into the air.
repolish yourself for the rebirth celebrations.
Do not obscure falco.
Return to the central focus
Of his figure/teaching.
He lives in who does not stop believing in him.