The Oracle of January is dedicated to melting “snow” from the heart and recognizing the divine aspect contained within.

From the cold frost, gift of forces.
Many luminous
arctic and crystalline sprites hatched,
to be gathered with magic.
Gongs and the lighting of fires.
Indifferent planet Pan.
Choice between life and death.
Rough seas, social waves.
Revolts create revolts,
Love creates love.
Reading what the future holds
between events of the world.
The breath of the solar wind
to the new cycle of stillness
in resonance with your actions
produces control of evoked forces,
new listening in silence.
Invoke the inner god
to balance the excesses of the prevalence
of human parts.
Apparent divisions confuse.
Useless discussions.
Hidden, rigged fights.
From legal acts, peaceful evolution.
Restyling for the new flowering
of arts and plantings.
Celebrations and cups full of wine.
Commensals called.