Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present

Answer of the Oracle:

Pan, the guarantor, produces.
Species shift in progress.
Less human listening
Of the voice that comes.
Flying spheres on Mother Earth.
If from the poles murky messages,
Seekers of clean food
and love.
Beyond organic.
A Damanhurian note.
Music, not only, states of
between agricultural land-humans.
Baptisms of the lands extended downstream.
Subtle flags to carry.
Journey destinations for the Viaggio.
Union, joy and fraternity to
reinterpret and live with new logic.
Recovery time: play very well.
Observing forces act
in mercy and indifference.
Trials and temptations,
to the measure of being pure.
Real and true.
Resisting, re-existing.