Response for Damanhur and for those who are listening

Answer of the Oracle:

Re-tune to ascension.
Generous generators at the goal,
to be pure at the arrival of the solar apex.
Solstitial coherence.
Useful exchanges with cosmic forces.
Challenges of character, the clash subtracts strength.
Respect for the forces and for yourself.
Journey, prepare.
Mezzi in defense of the galaxy borders with allied mezzi.
Backlashes and unknown races can pierce the structure.
Naivety is strength, but before that, danger.
Pitfalls in fake smiles and the appearance of kind actions.
Incipient soul of the machines. Insects light up with spark.
The earth is calling is not a slogan.
Vocation of rural people and autarchy for salvation.
Repeating the outside world is the non-road.
Embody first the knowledge; message lived by example, not described.
Reverse the course.
Study and/is doing.
Insight, together.
Gifts, always appreciated.
Trust, more.
Strengthen the common rituals of presence.
The pulse with the master.
The chime of pan is spreading.
Keep vigil over your strength under control.