Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Cosmic snail. Emporium of dreams.
The great light illuminates the night of the times.
Shadows lengthen and melt.
Paint in the dark the color of the central fires.
Action in observation.
The scale of importance conforms to density.
Pains overturned. Composure required and necessary.
The banner carried with honor.
Destinies come and go.
In the right, falco in the heart.
Manifestations not yet recognized.
Ports and refugees, seas and lands; orient more prayers.
World policies do not bring solutions.
Minorities to protect.
The triad presses hard to smoothen deep folds, unjust consequences.
Insert monitoring/sounding practices of the earth system to bring peace, light and prosperity.
Salvation from god for every oppressed or self-abandoned part.
Selfishness is curbed.
Put into practice words and formulas, deeds follow, they must, otherwise void will. Raids. Attempts. Protections.
Sacred and profane.
High level visits.
Welcome diversity into homes
With rules.