The Oracle of October is dedicated to marine mammals, large and small, so they may be protected and their survival safeguarded..

The answer of the Oracle:

The forces look at you and read
purity in your hearts
Beauty, flow with the sky.
The forces watch what happens with amazement.
Talking clouds and playful laughter
dissolve discomfort and disagreement.
The care of spiritual sunbeams
as an antidote.
If justice comes, peace
as a starry sky covers and illuminates
in the cycle of the eternal present.
All of nature changes, to never change.
Full and empty.
The silence of the soul, divine matter.
From free will, the courage of choice
can free or imprison
in individual illusions.
New arrivals, new souls
in adult bodies already in balance,
in complementarity.
The world towards Damanhur
if it defines identity
and not going towards the world
without identity.
New prospects for development
using visions different from the current ones.
Hands outstretched to meet people and realities.
Frivolous fires.
Voices and signs from Falco beyond the bridge
donate opportunities to be seized.