Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Holding the position on the new timeline.
Control, staying compact.
Support is needed, by sending directed light.
More vital energy like glue to repair the fabric.
Vitality insuffled by choral magic actions and the antidote of love.
Armies of soul warriors act on multiple planes.
Joint actions from different places.
Fearsome news. Grip the minds.
Fears explode.
World events to be accepted and metabolized.
Adapt, to survive.
It is useless to fight against giants.
Enter the fabric where decisions are made.
Small deviations in the points of origin.
You cannot stop an avalanche in progress.
Move and observe.
Head towards niches where memories can be kept and maintained.
Rare seeds and diverse seeds. To plant.
Every soil used and valued.
Ancestors-parents-children united in a single chain, in the Dna of life.
Magical flows come from this individual awareness.
Osmosis between humans and the planet and the multi-variety of the subtle habitat.
Beyond the beyond.
Listen to dreams.