We dedicate Oracle of April to the Grail so that it may bring healing and flowering to the soul, in the bodies and minds of every person. May the presence of allied Divine Forces reawaken the energy contained in the hearts. We also dedicate it to the people who have passed away in these months without any comfort; may the soul of each one of them continue on the path of light.

The answer of the Oracle:

Divine attention without judgment.
Dissolve the fog in the soul.
Healing and rediscovering of values.
Be changeable and multifaceted to float on the sea of time.
Stoic example.
Mathematics of Magic with acts that accompany determination.
Enter into the events.
Talking paintings can help.
With dreams one acts on the shadow.
From the window, the wind of the Spiral reseeds.
GRAIL at a high level responds mysteric.
The planet has requested oxygen.
Beating of wings from the propitious sky.
Rediscover new forms in water, particles in it like small beneficial hatching eggs.
Blink of an eye and a new era awaits men and women who, with boldness, know how to dare.