In an interview in which he presents his latest book, McGilchrist argues that, like consciousness, value and purpose are also primary constituents because they are embedded in the drive of everything. The universe itself has a drive, a direction—what in Damanhurian terms we call the “Arrow of Complexity”. The very fact that the cosmos has the energy to evolve, to produce differentiation within union is a value.

Like us at Damanhur, McGilchrist believes that values, purpose, and meaning are in the weaving of the cosmos. Our task is to find them, because becoming aware means developing an appreciation for Truth, Meaning, and Beauty. Equally important are having a sense of the sacred, of something awe-inspiring, and being humble enough to admit that we don’t know everything, and probably never will.

In addition, to these elements, from a Damanhurian point of view, recalling the divine principle within ourselves is very important, because it can have an effect on the entire spiritual ecosystem. That is, the dimension of the relationships that gives life to events, the connections and changes that turn to “things” on the material plane. Again, this is not a new concept, nor is it just limited to spiritual circles.

Alfred North Whitehead, co-author with Bertrand Russell of Principia Matematica (1910-12-13) had a profound insight when he wrote that: whatever one wants to call “god” or “divinity”, is the thing with which the cosmos has a relationship. Relationship is at the core of being: it exists even prior to the things that are in relationship. Falco has also argued on many occasions that relationship exists before anything, and it is relationship that allows us to communicate with other dimension of Being, such as the “Threshold,” i.e. the astral planes and the Beyond.

In Hindu mythology, this concept is explained with the image of Indra’s Web: the strands of the web exist before their crossing points, which are what exists in the “form,” what we see. On the crossing points are little gems that reflect every other gem in the web—an image similar to our myth of the Mirror of Oneness breaking into shards inside the universe of forms.

The divinity, the cosmos are a dynamic relationship, in constant evolution, and we do not know its outcome. McGilchrist, similarly to us, argues that: “God is discovering, becoming, fulfilling whatever God is, through the relationship that classical in very religion is called LOVE. It is a form of gravity in the world of form and emotion. We are coming into being, God is coming into being and we are necessary to each other coming into being. A simultaneous coming into being. 

That’s why, as it has been done on our Planet for millennia, we will joyfully and mindfully celebrate the Rite of the Solstice. And then, for one last time all together we will summon the presence of Pan: to become one with the Sun and the Earth, to place ever brighter gems on the web of events, to bring more Love within us and among us. Happy Solstice!

Esperide Ananas